Volunteer Information

Volunteers are an amazing asset to the Pole Theatre USA competition, whether you're helping to pole clean, set and remove props, usher and help seat, or just be a general backstage hand you make a difference in the overall experience for our competitors and attendees. Because of this we expect our volunteers to uphold the same high standards and adhere to the same guidelines as both the venue and tech staff we employ for our events.

Volunteers will get free admission to the standing room area of the entire event regardless of which section they volunteer for. Since most volunteer positions will switch out and work in shifts this gives every volunteer a chance to watch a good portion of the event when their assigned shift has ended, or before it begins. Volunteers will also recieve a complimentary item of merch, a commemorative lanyard and badge, a small thank you bag, and a discount on additional merch as well.

If you wish to volunteer for Pole Theatre USA you must:

  • Be 18 years of age at the time of the competition.
  • Be available, checked in, and present at the venue 15 minutes before your assigned volunteer shift.
  • Be comfortable climbing to the top of a pole every few minutes several times during an hour long period.
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol or consuming mind altering substances at any point before and during your volunteer shift the day of.
  • Be able to work together with others as a team to ensure that all tasks are complete quickly and efficiently within the time periods allotted.
  • Be able to relay information to competitors, other volunteers and staff, and venue staff quickly and concisely to avoid confusion.
  • Be able to use group messaging or a two way radio system for quick communication between areas of the venue and with other staff/volunteers.

When volunteering you can choose to volunteer for one or more of the positions listed below, be sure when colunteering you're able to meet the requirements of that position. Some positions listed in bold will usually be filled by Pole Theatre USA staff, however may be open to additional volunteers dependent upon the needs of the competition:

  • Pole Cleaner: must be able to climb to the top of the pole several times an hour with only 3-4 minutes between climbs.
  • Prop Handler: must be able to quickly follow prop charts to set and remove props the moment the previous performer is done.
  • Seating Usher: must be friendly and able to navigate a theatre seating chart to assist attendees to their seats quickly prior to the beginning of the competition.
  • Competitor Wrangler: must be able to keep track of competitors and cue them to be in place 2-3 performers before their time to perform.
  • Competitor Check In: must be able to check in competitors, confirm they're status and update it in a live Google Sheets form for the staff and stage crew tracking.
  • Merchandise Booth: must be able to use Zettle transaction devices to take payment and provide merchandise to individuals, as well as handle cash sales and application of MO sales tax.
  • First Aid Station: must be BLS/CPR/AED certified, and/or possess a current and valid medical Licensed Practical Nursing License or higher under the compact allowin for practice within MO. (This position will often be filled by staff, on occasion we may employee one addition front of house and one back of house from our volunteers.)

Inclusivity Pledge

At Pole Theatre USA it is our desire to create a safe and welcoming competition for performers of any gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, etc. Any performer is welcome on our stage and will always be treated with respect and equality. At no point will discrimination, harassment, or hate speech towards anyone competing, judging, or involved with the competition be tolerated. We pledge to make sure our competition is not only a fun and exciting event for competitors, but also inclusive and safe for everyone

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