Below are the vendors for Pole Theatre USA 2024, each vendor will have their own booth or a shared booth at the venue the night of the competition, be sure to check out their social media pages for a sneak peek of what they're bringing and shop from them the night of the event.

Synchronicity Active

Synchronicity is a new pole and activewear brand, founded and operated by Anna Haynes in Kansas City, Missouri. Anna is a pole dancer who knows the ins and outs of style, comfort, and #slowfashion. Each item is designed and made by hand in the USA, with a strong focus on sustainable and ethical production. Follow along on our Instagram page for behind-the-scenes insights into how our pole essentials and accessories are created.

Synchronicity Active Synchronicity Active

Inclusivity Pledge

At Pole Theatre USA it is our desire to create a safe and welcoming competition for performers of any gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, etc. Any performer is welcome on our stage and will always be treated with respect and equality. At no point will discrimination, harassment, or hate speech towards anyone competing, judging, or involved with the competition be tolerated. We pledge to make sure our competition is not only a fun and exciting event for competitors, but also inclusive and safe for everyone

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Missouri, United States