Pole Theatre Judges

Our judges must undergo and pass the Pole Theatre certification training before becoming a certified Pole Theatre judge. Our judges are some of the best in the industry with the experience, knowledge and skills to ensure a fair and unbiased competition, below is a list of the current internationally certified Pole Theatre judges:

  • Adam Lin
    Alexandra Gerland Allegra Bird
    Alis Burning Heel
    Amandine Philippe
    Amber Ray
    Anna Kia
    Anna Nikulina
    Anzhelika Korelova
    Ayesha Agogo
    Carlie Hunter
    Chiara Salvade
    Crystal Belcher
    Daisy Adelle Bastick
    Daniel Rosen
    Doris Arnold

  • Evgeny Greshilov
    Irina Taurine
    Jazzy Alix
    Jordan Kensley
    Julia (Batory) Vashkevich
    Katy Eve
    Kira Noire
    Lisa Dee
    Lorna Walker
    "Mint" Manar Elmokadm
    Marion Crampe
    Marlo Fisken
    Molly Pretzel
    Nadyne Moldowan
    Natasha Wang

  • Nathaly Sabalza
    Nicholas Tang
    Olga Biserova
    Oona Kivela
    Slava Ruza
    Song Yi Lee (Lydia)
    Tiffany Rose Mockler
    Sara Helena Lumholdt
    Sarah Brown
    Sarah Scott
    Shaina Cruea
    Shay Williamson
    Tara Myer
    Tiff Finney
    Yvonne Smink

Pole Theatre USA 2024 Judges

Meet our judges for the final live competition of Pole Theatre USA 2024, that will be held Saturday, May 4, 2024 at the Grandel Theater in St. Louis, MO.

Shay Williamson

Shay Williamson is an international pole and circus artist with many accolades to her name. She is the owner of Utah's largest Circus Studio, Cirque Du Kairos, Dew Point Products, A vegan and minimalist Grip aide, and PoleActive- An online pole shop for every Body. Aside from being a business owner Shay Loves to spend her time producing shows, performing and teaching around the country. She is honored to be able to witness this magnificent show back in the US, and share the stage with so many amazing artists.

Shay Williamson Shay Williamson

Yvonne Smink

Yvonne is from the Netherlands, but now living in Paris, France. Originating from the wallclimbing scene, she found a great challenge and passion in poledance, combining different forms of theater, dance and expression. Yvonne has taught, judged and performed pole in more than 60 countries and 5 continents across the world. Next to her involvement in the pole community, she now works for several theater, dance, and circus companies across Europe, and has worked with artists such as Sevdaliza, FKA Twigs, and Jared Leto.

Yvonne Smink

Shaina Cruea

Shaina brings the pole community over 30 years of dance/movement training, a broad skill set in choreography, competitive training, performance, and instruction. Her extensive dance background encompasses the depth of knowledge, creativity and critical eye required to educate aspiring artists, performers, and competitors. With a true passion for teaching, Shaina inspires each student to achieve their highest goals in technical complexity, self-expression, and fluidity. Shaina started her pole journey in NYC in 2012. Since then, she has competed, performed, judged comps and taught workshops in over 40 countries around the world. While her life revolves around her 3yo daughter, 4yo warrior son, and amazingly supportive husband, she remains dedicated to educating the world about pole dance through virtual and in-person workshops, classes and private lessons. Shaina has previously judged/guest performed at - Pole Theatre USA 2015, Pole Theatre UK 2016 & 2018, Pole Theatre Greece 2016, and Pole Theatre Worlds 2016. She is DELIGHTED to be a part of Pole Theatre USA 2024!!

Shaina Cruea

Inclusivity Pledge

At Pole Theatre USA it is our desire to create a safe and welcoming competition for performers of any gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, etc. Any performer is welcome on our stage and will always be treated with respect and equality. At no point will discrimination, harassment, or hate speech towards anyone competing, judging, or involved with the competition be tolerated. We pledge to make sure our competition is not only a fun and exciting event for competitors, but also inclusive and safe for everyone

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