Pole Theatre USA could not exist without the help of our volunteers! If you are interested in donating your time and efforts, please fill out the following form and we will get back to you no later than August 7th.

Pole cleaners are required to arrive at the venue a minimum of two hours before doors open in order to go over any and all instructions. Must be able to climb and clean the poles quickly and efficiently – not recommended for beginner polers. Must be able to volunteer for both the afternoon and evening shows. Pole cleaners will receive outfits by Mika Yoga Wear.

Volunteers for handing out programs are required to arrive at the venue a minimum of one hour before doors open, and should also dress nicely. (But not necessarily in your highest heels – you will be standing and handing out programs for an hour!) 2 people needed each show – you can volunteer for one show or both. You will receive a free ticket to the show(s) you are volunteering for.

Runners will be going back and forth between backstage and the green room to help keep competitors on time, deliver messages from stage manager to production staff, etc. You will be able to watch parts of the show from backstage, but you cannot count on being able to see everything. Runners receive a free ticket to both shows, so that you can watch the whole show you are not volunteering for from the audience.

We also need drivers who can help take our judges/workshop instructors to their various workshops. All of the judges will be staying in Boulder, and most will need rides to their workshops. If you would like some one-on-one time with your favorite instructor and a discount on your workshop registration in exchange for picking them up and/or taking them back, please sign up as a volunteer!

Volunteer positions are limited, and not guaranteed by submitting this form.