Application Form & Fee

Please read the Application Rules carefully before submitting your application!

The application deadline is 11:59PM MST (Colorado time) April 23rd, 2017. Your form and application fee must be received before this deadline to be considered. Use to convert from MST to your local time zone. 

Performance Description – You must submit a description of your intended performance. Your description must enable us to imagine your performance. Provide relevant details as to storyline/theme, costume, props, backup/additional performers, and any relevant information to assist us in understanding what you intend to do. Your description MUST include the song and artist title that you will be performing to if you are accepted.

Application Fee – There is an Application Fee of USD $40 to enter. You must pay the fee for each application you submit. Both your application form and fee must be received before the deadline. Please note that the application fee is non-refundable. If your Paypal account is not linked to the same name as you are using to submit your application, please make a note in Paypal of the name on your application.

Please select “Buy Now” to pay your $40 USD application fee AFTER filling out the application form. The application fee is per application, not per person, so if you are a duet/group you only have to pay once.